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Fixed metal-enclosed switchgear (ring network cabinet)

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Fixed metal-enclosed switchgear (ring network cabinet)

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Use of environmental conditions

a, the upper limit of the ambient temperature +40 C, the lower limit -25 C;

b, the altitude does not exceed 1 〇〇〇 ti;

l, the average daily value of the air humidity is not more than 95%, the monthly average value is not more than 90%; the daily average value of water vapor is not more than 2. 2X10M;

d, the surrounding air is not corroded or flammable, water vapor and other obvious pollution;

e, no frequent and severe vibrations.


HXC12 high voltage switchgear (referred to as ring network cabinet) is an indoor box type AC metal-enclosed switch device with three-phase AC rated voltage of 1〇kV and rated frequency of 50Hz. Applicable to distribution systems, ring network power supply or dual-supply radiant power supply systems in factories, workshops, residential buildings, high-rise buildings, etc., accepting, distributing and protecting, and also suitable for box-type substations.

Standards compliant

1. GB3906 "3. 6^40. 5kV AC metal-enclosed switchgear"

2, GB3804 "3.6-40.5kV high voltage AC load switch"

3. IEC-298 "AC metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment"

4. IEC-420 "High Voltage AC Load Switch-Fuse Combination Device"

Structural features

1. The HXGN~12 ring network cabinet frame is assembled by foreign advanced technology profiles. The overall structure is firm, the top of the cabinet is the busbar room, the busbar room is the instrument room, and the upper part of the cabinet is the load switch installation position. The lower part is the current in and out line and other components (such as CT. PT). Each room is reliably separated.

2, the main switch introduces the Italian advanced technology FN25-10D/630 vacuum load switch with static contact insulation cover and FN25-10RD/125 type load open

Off, its switch rated high breaking current, stable and reliable arc extinguishing performance. The FN12A-100 can also be fitted with a compressed air load switch.

3. The cabinet has a complete anti-electrical misoperation device.

4. The cabinet is small in size, small in area, safe and reliable.

All product sizes, specifications, colors, patterns can be customized.

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