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Box substation

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Box substation

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The prefabricated AC box-type substation combines high-voltage electrical equipment, transformers, and low-voltage electrical equipment into a compact power distribution unit for urban high-rise buildings, urban and rural buildings, residential communities, high-tech development zones, small and medium-sized factories, Mine oil fields and temporary construction electricity and other places are used for receiving and distributing electric energy in the distribution system.

This product has the characteristics of strong set, small size, compact structure, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and movable. Compared with conventional civil substation, the capacity of box-type substation with the same capacity is usually only 1 of the conventional substation. /10-1/5, greatly reducing the design workload and construction volume, reducing construction costs. In the power distribution system, it can be used in the ring network power distribution system, or in the dual power source or radiation terminal power distribution system. It is a new type of equipment for the construction and transformation of urban and rural substations.

This product complies with the SD320-1992 "Box Type Substation Technical Conditions" and GB/T17467-1997 "High Voltage / Low Voltage Prefabricated Substation" standards.

All product sizes, specifications, colors, patterns can be customized.

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