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Cascade cable tray

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Cascade cable tray

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  The XQJ-T stepped cable tray is improved based on relevant domestic and foreign materials and similar products of our factory. It has light weight, low cost and unique shape. Easy to install, good heat dissipation and other advantages. It is suitable for laying cables with large diameters in general.

  The maximum allowable uniform load and deformation of the stepped cable tray under different medium distances are shown in the following figure.



The stepped cable tray is equipped with a shield. It can be ordered at the time of ordering or ordered according to the type of the shield. All the accessories are common to the tray type and trough type bridge.

The surface treatment of stepped cable trays is divided into three types: electrostatic spray, zinc and spray paint. It can be specially treated in heavy corrosive environment. Spraying to ensure reliable grounding requires a grounding plate (plate).

The ladder cable tray required by the user is beyond the scope of this standard. It can also be submitted to the map, letter or face. Our factory can meet your needs as much as possible.

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  All product sizes, specifications, colors, patterns can be customized.

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