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Cable tray selection and installation

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Cable tray selection and installation

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(1) Scope of application

The XQJ series cable tray is suitable for power cables with voltages below 10 kV, as well as indoor and outdoor overhead cable trenches and tunnels for control cables, lighting distribution, etc.

(2) Structural features and installation

XQJ series cable tray has the characteristics of complete variety, wide application, high strength, light structure, low cost, simple construction, flexible wiring, standard installation and beautiful appearance. It brings technical improvement, expansion cable, maintenance and repair to your place. Convenience.

The installation of XQJ series cable trays can be adapted to local conditions. It can be laid overhead with the process pipeline; side slabs on the floor slab, dyed hoisting, indoor and outdoor walls, column walls, tunnels, cable trench walls, and can also be installed on open-air columns or buttresses. When hoisting or vertical installation of large multi-layer bridges, the erected steel columns should be placed symmetrically on both sides.

XQJ series cable trays can be laid horizontally and vertically: corners, T-shaped, cross-shaped branches; adjustable width, height adjustment and variable diameter.

(3) Hierarchical arrangement of cables on cable trays

1. The cable tray level should be arranged in a weak current control at the top of the cable, followed by a general control cable, low-voltage power electric forging, and high-voltage power cables going down in sequence. (See table below) This arrangement is beneficial for shielding interference, power cable cooling, and construction.

2. The distance between the layers of the cable trays of each layer is: control cable ≥200mm, power cable ≥300mm, mechanized laying cable ≥400mm.

  All product sizes, specifications, colors, patterns can be customized.

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