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Surface treatment of cable tray

Time:2019-01-31 Click:336

Surface treatment of cable tray


The cable tray is a thin-walled steel structural member. In order to adapt to different environmental requirements and have a long service life, our factory has done a lot of work on the surface treatment process of the cable tray. Such as galvanizing process, the product is pickled, alkaline washed, washed, passivated, galvanized, and then passivated, so that the inner layer and surface of the galvanized layer form a high quality passivation film, and its corrosion resistance can be The improvement of 5-8 times, especially the improvement of hot dip zinc process, makes the surface quality of hot dip zinc bridge meet the advanced standards of the United States, Canada and other countries, and its service life in coastal areas can exceed 40 years.

The surface treatment characteristics and technical indicators are as follows:

1. Characteristics and technical indicators of hot dip galvanizing layer of cable tray

(1) The weight and thickness of the hot dip galvanized layer conform to the US NEMA·VEI standard and the American Ebasco cable bracket specification.